Pay Per Click for Beginners

Pay-Per-click advertising is a great way to make money with affiliate programs. Unfortunately not every Pay-Per-Click engine is really effective. Sometimes you can get a lot of traffic but very few buyers. The best PPC advertising is Google Adwords. If you prepare your campaign properly you will get targeted visitors within hours coming to your site.

There are 2 sources that Google uses for these ads. Their search engine and different related websites (content). The most targeted is their search engine. From content you will get a lot of traffic but not as many actual buyers. Whether you include content or not, bear this in mind and consider your targeted market.

Steps for starting a Google Adwords campaign:

1. Make your account and watch for the confirmation link needed to activate it.
2. Start a new campaign by clicking the link “Keyword-Targeted” campaign.
3. Name the campaign
4. Name your ad group
5. Name the area, country, territory, regions, cities, or customized
6. Make your ad – it needs to have a high CTR (click through ratio). Take care to do this well.

Tips to improve your campaign:

1. Monitor your campaigns well and carefully
2. Join high paying affiliate programs to offset costs and make this campaign really effective
3. Use as many keywords as you can to attract all the people in your market

Mistakes to avoid:

1. Do not use mirror sites - for Google campaigns it is good to have a landing page for your program if possible.
2. No Pop ups or Pop under are allowed by Google
3. Do not bid too high - although Google will often adjust this and lower your bid

Google Adwords is very cost effective. It only takes a $5 deposit to start off your campaign. Read the entire tutorial that Google provides very carefully before you begin. Start with low bids and work up. Understand that some keywords will have high bids and others low ones. You will need to watch your campaign very well to ensure it is not going over your budget.

This campaign hinges on using targeted keywords. You can get keywords for your site at Google will also supply you with some basic ones based on your web address. You can then further define and narrow down the options by [ ] and “ “ etc.

You can find good resources and products that pay well at this free website. You may take a little time to get the hang of this but once you do you will find affiliate programs and Google Adwords are indeed a match made in heaven.

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